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PACK 137 Basics

WELCOME TO CUB SCOUTS! When you join Pack 137 your scout will be placed in a Den.  The Den will be made up of 5-12 scouts all the same grade level with two Den Leaders.  All the Dens together make up a Pack.  Several Packs belong to Scatacook District and several Districts make up CT Yankee Council. 


There are six different levels, also called in ranks in Cub Scouts.  Each rank follows a different handbook, Webelos use the same book for two years. 

(Kindergarten – Lion)  (1st Grade – Tiger)  (2nd Grade – Wolf)  (3rd Grade – Bear)  (4th Grade – Webelos)  (5th Grade – Arrow of Light)

DEN MEETINGS will be scheduled about 1 or 2 times a month on various days during the school year.   At den meetings the scouts will work on different advancement activities and projects.  Attendance at Den Meetings is just the same grade scouts and two den leaders although with Tiger scouts a parent’s attendance is required. 


PACK MEETINGS are typically held once a month on Monday or Wednesday evenings at either MHHS Cafetorium or Company A Firehouse from 7:00pm – 8:00pm.  We follow a theme and the night could consist of anything from ‘Hands-On’ activities for families to watching the Cubs put on a skit. Awards are given out.  Families are invited.  Pack Meetings include all ranks and are a wonderful way for the older scouts to learn leadership skills while helping the younger scouts along. 


PACK EVENTS are held approximately once a month and are things like hikes, derbies and overnight trips! Families are invited and encouraged to participate.


SOUND LIKE TOO MUCH?  Don’t worry- you decide what your family will attend! Our Cub Scout program supports your family by giving you options in which events you attend.  Scouts advance at their own pace and handbooks are designed with the busy family in mind.  Scouts will receive lots of recognition and praise to help build their self-confidence.  Cub Scouts is a great opportunity to meet different people in your town! Our small size pack means your son will always be greeted by name as he learns to work together with other boys. 

This is a Monthly Scouting Magazine.  It costs $1.00 per month and we think it’s worth it!  The boys love getting mail!  

PACK DUES The Pack dues are an annual amount charged to each Scout that pays for much of his Scouting experience. They cover the fiscal and program year.  Full year dues ($180) are due by October 31.

What does the Pack dues pay for? Dues are used to cover BSA registration including membership fees (paid to National), operational fees (paid to Connecticut Yankee Council), insurance (paid to National), administrative/ training fees, advancements and awards, derby kits, facilities and building usage, and summertime activities.
What is NOT covered by the Pack dues? · Handbooks/Uniforms · District/Council Activity Fees · Special Pack events (campouts, sporting events, etc.)

Volunteers just like you run our pack!  We welcome new leadership and great ideas!  We are willing to try new things and would love someone just like you to help us out.   You do not have to commit lots of time to our Pack as everyone works together.  Come up with a new idea and we’ll help make it happen.  We have plenty of people to work with you!  Our small size means you’ll know everyone!  If each family pitched in for one event our pack would run smoothly and your Cub will be proud to say his parent helped.  Please consider having some fun with us!


 CUB SCOUTS WEAR UNIFORMS! Scouts are required to wear Class A uniforms to most events. Class B uniforms (not required) are available for purchase from the pack. These t-shirts come in handy on campouts and hikes.  Our pack has a ‘closet’ where pack members can find or donate used uniforms and trade-up for the next rank.

Class A – Official Uniform

These uniforms are worn for Pack Meetings, Den Meetings, Parades, etc.  This is the assumed uniform unless otherwise noted!  We do have a pack closet with some spare items.  Please check with the Committee Chair to see what is available.


Blue Scout Shirt – the cubs will be wearing this shirt until it doesn’t fit anymore (at least through 3rd grade and into 4th grade, once this shirt doesn’t fit, they move on to tan shirts).  If you are joining in 4th grade, purchase the tan shirt.  We suggest short sleeve. 


Blue Belt – Cubs wear recognition Belt Loops on their belts


Neckerchief/Slide – each rank has a respective neckerchief.  We suggest getting an extra slide as they tend to get lost.


Hat – each rank has respective hats.


Patches to be sewn on:

Pack Number ‘137’ (left shoulder)

            CT Yankee Council/Scatacook District shoulder board (left shoulder)

            Purple World Association patch (above left pocket)

            Den # Patch (right shoulder, under the flag – know your Den # before you go)


Lions Uniform- The Lions uniform consists of hat and t-shirt and can be purchased through the PAck


Handbook – per rank 



All of this can be purchased locally at Rankin Sporting Goods, 37 Newtown Rd, Danbury, (just up the hill from Wal-mart).  203-743-1317 or at a Scout Shop

Lions guides can be purchased through the Pack


Rankin will also sew your patches on for a fee.


Class B – Pack T-shirt

These uniforms are worn for hikes, campouts and outdoor den meetings.  It is usually stated on schedule that Class B’s are acceptable otherwise assume Class A Uniform.  Class B can be purchased from the pack.  Parents and siblings can also purchase pack t-shirts/sweatshirts.  This keeps us looking uniform at district and council events.

Pack Contacts     

Committee Chair:  Kate Mattiace,

Cubmaster: Matt Daddio,