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Popcorn 2022

Pack 85 relies heavily on popcorn commissions for funding of Pack activities.  This is our LARGEST fundraiser of the year, the pack needs every scout and their families to participate!!!  Of the 73% of the money earned that Trails End returns to scouting, the Pack receives 34% directly !!!

Please keep in mind, that even though we try to collect the minimum amount of dues to allow us to pay for all mandatory scout registration fees during our annual recharter, purchase the kids' earned awards and adventures, and supply all the dens with enough materials to make your scouts experience a great one, most of our leaders tend to still end up paying for much of it out of pocket. The more popcorn that can be sold, the more our pack can fund fun events and activities!!

We are asking that each Scout and their family "Does their Best" to sell at least $700 (total!) worth of popcorn.  This may seem like a large amount but it can easily be done with the help of families, friends, and a couple in-person shifts or going door-to-door! That is $234 that comes back directly to us! If every scout can meet this minimum number, we wouldn't have to collect Pack dues from anyone!

There are many ways for Scouts to actively sell popcorn:

Click on the link below to register your Scout up for on line sales, they can create their own page for social media.  Send emails to all your family, friends and co-workers !!!

Have your Scout take orders from family, friends and relatives.  Help your Scout by asking co-workers for their support.  All checks should be made payable to "Pack 85." 

Once our orders have been collected from our designated warehouse, we will distribute "sales kits" to everyone who signs up for a block of time at one of our approved selling locations. In the past we have worked with Vinkiers and Sunoco (Romeo Plank & 32 Mile Rd) to set up tables in front and sell there. We are hoping to add the Armada Flea Market to the list of locations we can sell at this year. If you and/or your scout have popcorn on hand, you don't have to wait to your reserved shift time to sell!

Starting in the 2019 scouting year, Trails End has worked with the Square Chip Reader to enable us to accept credit and debit cards. In 2020, Trails End took it one step further and eliminated the need for the Square and allowed us to enter credit card information DIRECTLY into the order via their app!  This has been a huge game changer for popcorn sales!

We have seen during a single block period scouts have been able to sell anywhere from $400 to $950 of popcorn!! So just one block period could nail exactly (or more!) of what each scout needs to aim for!! Any block of time your Scout is signed up for will be credited toward their popcorn earnings !!!

ATTENTION LION & TIGER SCOUTS ... Tiger and Lion parents MUST accompany their Scouts at all times!!!


**Due to COVID-19, we are EXTREMELY limited on the amount of popcorn we can return at the end of the season. It is our goal to sell every bag that we order as a pack!!**

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